Name: CassSex: Intersex (Figure it out~)Gender: Agender Non-Binary They/Them/She/Her/He/Him/ItOrientation: "Service Animal"

Hi! My name’s Cass, I’m a weirdo skunk that’s here to do/draw/interact in really weird and lewd things!I wanna have fun with everybody I can and make others happy through my art and… Other ways! :9

What can you expect watching or interacting with me?:
Really lewd and sometimes messed up stuff in my art/music/etc! You’ve been warned!
Acting out in character often. If you want to talk to me seriously about commissions or otherwise, please ask or let me know!
What kinda stuff are you in to?:
I’ll post a big list here later! But for now, just ask c:

Total Queue Progress - 35%

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Commission Guide

While my arm recovers, all current commissions will be limited to one client per round (no doubling down unless I have no other takers!) with no detailed background option available.
Each available slot will be filled as I see fit with queues no longer than 10 clients. (If you aren't chosen for a slot this round, you will have to fill out the form again next round)

Current Content Interests

While I aim to be super duper cool and professional, I might change the type of content I want to actually draw at will. Don't let this stop you from submitting whatever you want though! I just like letting folks know about what I'm currently interested in or not (and it will change randomly, so check back often!)

Things I'd like to practice

For the sake of transparency, here's a list of things I know I currently struggle with that I might be asked for. You're more than welcome to help my practice so I can continue to improve, but it may not have the same quality as my other pieces. I hope this is helpful info!

Currently interested in:

Character Pinups
Small scenarios and subject matter OK!
Commissions including my characters OK, but I might be choosey~

Current Nopes:

Filth (no dirty diapers, pee, scat, vomit, and similar)
Violence (Light sexual roughness OK!)
Comics or longform content (mini one off strips OK!)
Private commissions

Needs Practice:

Extreme perspective shots,
lithe/overly buff characters,
heavy bondage (oddly bent anatomy),
Young Human Characters,
Characters without "headfluff",
Extremely exaggerated poses,
Probably plenty more, but that's what I can think of offhand.

Additional Info

Can I contact you during my commission? Yes, you can! I like being casual and chatty, but keep in mind, I’m really busy! I do like to chat though. I would like to note that I will block anyone who uses this opportunity to grieve me or just generally being disrespectful. So don’t let that happen, please! I want to be nice.Can we talk about future commissions? Yes… Ish. I’m happy to ballpark ideas, but this doesn’t guarantee you a future slot, so keep that in mind.Can I get a private commission? No, not at this time. I’ll consider private commissions some time in the future, but not right now.If you have any feedback for helpful info to add, let me know, thanks! C:

Secret Projects